Renee Freeman, CTA
Lansing, MI
Renee Freeman, CTA <br/>Lansing, MI
Imagine being responsible for coordinating meetings and selecting dining locations for your city’s Mayor. That’s one of the duties of Renee Freeman, Office Manager for Lansing Mayor Bernero. As a CTA, she says, “I am more familiar with what the region has to offer and can make a decision according to our needs.”


Of course, Rochester, MN is well known for Mayo Clinic, but did you know 80% of their patients are treated as outpatients? So, where do they stay, what do they do, and where do they eat? Well, the Canadian Honker Restaurant & Catering is a welcoming dining option. Owners and CTAs, Cris and Joe Powers' pride in their community shows...


"We believe strongly in the regional tourism concept. The Journey’s CTA training is a win-win for everyone. The CTA program is incredible, and we’re getting great reviews from those who have gone through the course and used the information they learned!"

Kurt Burkhart, Executive Director
Charlottesville Albemarle Convention & Visitors Bureau
Launch Date: August 2009

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Welcome to CTA

The Certified Tourism AmbassadorTM(CTA) Program is a ground-breaking, nationwide certification program that serves to increase tourism by training and inspiring front-line hospitality employees and volunteers to work together to turn every visitor encounter into a positive experience. The CTA Program goes well beyond basic customer service training; it gives participants the opportunity to build upon their knowledge of the local region, enhance their skills in serving customers, increase their awareness of information resources and discover the power of tourism!

Thousands have earned the CTA designation. We invite you to explore the benefits!

Why CTA?

Nationwide Certification
Your frontline will be part of a nationwide certification program – with annual renewal – proudly using the Certified Tourism Ambassador-TM designation behind their name (John Smith, CTA) and proudly wearing their CTA gold lapel pin. As with other certification programs, the CTA designation has become recognized nationwide as a valued part of the visitor experience by your frontline, their employers, and, most importantly, your visitors.
Product Knowledge
Through the initial certification, this program not only teaches the basics of exceeding customer expectations, it also teaches why tourism is important and gives valuable destination product knowledge to your frontline. The learning objectives and highly customized curriculum focus on giving your frontline employees or volunteers the tools and confidence they need to create memorable experiences. And, the annual renewal requirements ensure that your ambassador corps is forever building upon their product knowledge base.
Community Alignment
Our current clients have been amazed at how this program aligns all stakeholders throughout the community. From the beginning Research Phase to Program Launch, they are engaged in shaping the program and, thus, take ownership in its ongoing success. It gives your destination a common, collaborative project that will help reinforce the importance of working together, instead of apart, to enhance regional tourism.
Competitive Advantage
Meeting professionals and other decision-makers have indicated that they would select a CTA City over a non CTA city. By committing to the program, they believe a destination shows its commitment to working together as a community and, most importantly, to ensuring the best possible experience for their attendees.
Branding and Consistent Messaging
Through CTANetwork.com – the CTA Online Community – and through CTA networking events, administrators can push frequent messages to your CTA corps – important reminders and updates to build upon their knowledge base. As a result, your CTAs will develop a close-knit network that allows them to connect with one another to further their knowledge and fuel their motivation to serve the customer. By keeping your frontline engaged and connected to your destination’s attributes and vision, your ambassador corps will be at-the-ready, ensuring that groups and visitors hear a consistent story about your destination – powerful branding and marketing at the frontline!

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Columbus Becomes Fastest Destination In America To Certify 1,000 Tourism Ambassadors
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Milestone Achieved Ahead of Projections
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KCCVA honored several individuals and organizations
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Dublin is creating its own special kind of ambassador
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500th Sonoma County Tourism Ambassador Certified
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Randy Johnson, owner of Getaway Adventures
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More than 300 CTAs will hit the streets
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Mayor, Local Officials Graduate CVB Ambassador Program
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Corpus Christi Mayor Nelda Martinez is the newest
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In keeping with San Antonio’s priority on
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Tourism bureau wants rep in Mexico
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CVB officials will spend the next year training
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Local Residents Earn Certified Tourism Ambassador Designation
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FairBridge Hotels International announced
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Be nice, Dallas — and talk up the place
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How's your foot? If it's a good one, Dallas needs it.
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Liz Murphy's last name might as well be James
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Have you ever thought about making Greater Lansing even greater?
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Civil War visitors can expect royal treatment
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Gettysburg 'ambassadors' train for 150th
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The Dallas/Fort Worth Area Tourism Council (DFWATC) and Foundation are pleased...
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Ready, Set, Spokane!
Posted 12/29/2009
When expecting guests from out of town most folks give their home an extra-thorough cleaning.
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