Dublin to begin CTA Program

Posted 04/27/2013
by Jennifer Holt
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Dublin is creating its own special kind of ambassador.

The city and Dublin Convention & Visitors Bureau have partnered with Experience Columbus to give the Greater Columbus Certified Tourism Ambassador Program an Irish twist with the "Welcome to My Dublin" ambassador designation.

"Earlier in the year we were looking to do something similar and worked with the city (of Columbus) instead of creating something ourselves," said Scott Dring, convention and visitors bureau executive director.

"We decided to go through the program to see what it entailed and customize it for needs in Dublin," Dring said.

The program Dring and Dublin Community Relations Director Sandra Puskarcik went through talked about Columbus and central Ohio regions, but didn't focus much on Dublin.

"The core program itself talks about the importance of tourism, the impact (of it), customer service, how to serve visitors in town and different regions of central Ohio," Dring said.

"There are talks about events and things like that," Dring said.

"It really equipped those that go through class to be an ambassador or champion of central Ohio," he said.

"Once you go through the program you can point to things to do in central Ohio and champion the area."

The ambassador classes set to be held in Dublin soon will include the Columbus portion as well as information aimed at Dublin.

"There is more Dublin focus as part of the program," Dring said. "The classes in Dublin will be different from those downtown."

"There's more Dublin focus within the presentation. At the end of the class we created a unique lunch, a taste of Dublin type feature."

The Presidents Cup will also be discussed in the class. During town hall meetings to discuss options for promoting Dublin at the international golf event, residents suggested a similar program.

"The town hall meetings reinforced that the community wanted to serve in an ambassador role for the city of Dublin," Dring said.

Many people Dring attended the class in Columbus with were employed at area restaurants and hotels, but the program is open to residents as well.

"I think it's going to educate the local community on what Dublin has to offer to not only visitors, but residents," he said. "It will also help raise awareness of the importance of travel and tourism and what the dollars mean to the community.

"We want to ultimately build a pool of ambassadors we can use for years to promote the city of Dublin and not only bring in visitors," Dring said, "but help raise awareness and bring businesses to town."

Classes to become a Certified Tourism Ambassador with a special Dublin designation will be held from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Tuesday, April 30, at the Dublin Community Recreation Center; Wednesday, May 1, at the Conference Center at OCLC; Tuesday, May 7, at the recreation center; and Wednesday, May 15 at the recreation center.

"We're the first suburban area to work with this," Dring said, adding the ambassador program used by Experience Columbus is national.

"We're one of the first suburban areas to come forward and say 'How can we do this?' Other areas aren't doing this."

The classes are $29 and include a complimentary lunch. To register, look online at ctanetwork.com.

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