Travel and tourism week: The secret's out

Posted 05/08/2013

by Warren Bluhm
Door County Advocate

Christine Salmon reminded participants about the Certified Tourism Ambassador program, which educates volunteers about the county so they can help visitors enjoy their stay.

"If we are going to treat every single visitor in a way that they have a truly memorable, unbelievable time because of you, and if they come into contact with 50 of you on their weekend or their weeklong vacation, can you imagine what they're going to say when they go back home and they talk to their co-workers and their family members and they talk about Door County?" Salmon said. "We are in this together."

Salmon presented Wally Vartanian, front desk associate at Waterbury Inn in Ephraim, with the Certified Tourism Associate of the Year award, assisted by last year's winner, Rachel Willems, executive director of the Ephraim Business Council.

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