Our town is a tourist destination

Posted 03/08/2015
by Amy Schneider, CTA
Columbia Daily Tribune

The mission of the Columbia Convention and Visitors Bureau is "to establish Columbia as a premier destination and to encourage economic growth by promoting our tourism product, providing exceptional customer service and creating unforgettable experiences for Columbia visitors." As director of the CVB, I am charged with moving our mission forward and making sure we promote/sell/market Columbia throughout the state, region and country.

The Columbia CVB is 100 percent funded by the lodging tax. We receive no money from the city's general fund, and because of that, we must be mindful of overnight stays. However, successful tourism isn't based merely on hotel stays. That is just one part of the tourism picture. When people visit Columbia, regardless of whether they spend the night, they will spend money on gas, food and/or retail items. This helps create jobs and brings money into the community.

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