Lawton Fort Sill now home to Certified Tourism Ambassadors

Posted 06/03/2015
LAWTON, Okla._Tourism partners in Lawton Fort Sill received a national certification in hospitality and guest relations this month, completing the Certified Tourism Ambassador's (CTA) program.

Christi Chambers, Hotel and Catering Sales Manager at Apache Casino, and Jacob Russell, Tourism Director at the Lawton Fort Sill Chamber, enrolled in the interactive CTA workshop in Oklahoma City. The training focuses on enhancing the guest experience and allowing for an emotional connection to a destination. Additional modules include the power of tourism, importance of promoting tourism in your area and how each individual drives their destination's brand through their interactions with travelers.

"The CTA certification will give us more resources and tools to help continue the development of Lawton Fort Sill as a destination for travel," Russell said. "We have the attractions to bring in visitors, but this class taught us the importance of the human element with our guests."

The certification carries additional value beyond the class through a nationwide database of tourism, hospitality and guest relations resources available on the CTA website to allow continuing education, as well as networking opportunities with fellow tourism ambassadors.

The CTA designation is renewed annually through meeting goals set up through the program, including continued education and personal experience of local tourism destinations.

For more information, contact Jacob Russell, Tourism Director, at (580) 355-3541 or Christi Chambers at (580) 354-1802.

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