Posted 02/19/2020
BUTTE COUNTY, CA - Butte County is training a cadre of CTA's. CTA stands for "Certified Tourism Ambassador."

There are currently 66 trained and certificated CTA's in Butte County. The goal of the non-profit organization Explore Butte County is to have 250 CTA's in the county by the end of 2020.

CTA's go through a complete training program that takes approximately four hours of classroom work, the completion of reading and learning assignments, and the successful completion of a 28-question open book exam. 13 new CTA's were trained on Tuesday in Chico at the Oxford Suites.

New CTA's were training from the Downtown Chico Ambassador Program, California State Parks, the Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce and from the staff of regional hotels.

The idea is to create a network of "Certified Tourism Ambassadors" across the country within businesses, museums, cultural and recreational areas who will help guarantee that every visitor encounter will be a positive one, to help Butte County stand out from other destinations completing for tourism dollars.

Tourism is California's top economic driver and represents more than $350 million (2018) in total economic impact of tourism in Butte County, said CTA Program Manager Ashley Baer.

Baer said nowadays "tourism season" is always in gear, so there is a need to continuously make Butte County shine brightly as a must-see North State destination. She said visitors to Butte County can look for anyone wearing a gold star pin that will designate that they are talking to a certified CTA.

There is a one-time, non-refundable, non-transferable application fee of $25 per person and an annual renewal fee of $15 per person, said Baer. In addition to the renewal fee, CTAs must log 50 CTA points annually, gained through an array of activities, to maintain certification.

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