Door County celebrates National Tourism Week

Posted 05/13/2011

by Warren Bluhm
Door County Advocate

If you're in Door County, it must be time to unwind. That's the message of the natural splendor of the peninsula, said one of the speakers at Wednesday's second annual National Tourism Week Breakfast in Sturgeon Bay.

"I came into the restaurant last night and said, ‘OK, I'm in Door County, I need to relax,'" said Mickey Schaefer, founder of the Certified Tourism Ambassador program. The Door County Visitor Bureau, host of the breakfast, has trained about 344 people as a CTA under the premise that everyone a visitor encounters in a community contributes to the experience.

Schaefer has helped cities train more than 8,000 CTAs across the country, but she said Door County has done well in leveraging its task force of local ambassadors. About half of the nearly 100 people at the breakfast raised their hands when she asked how many had been trained as CTAs.

"You're the smallest (CTA) program, but I think you're the mightiest, when you think about the penetration you have " she said. "There's some really strong power in this room, and I know that you feel it and you'll continue to do great things with your program."


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