Program Benefits

Why Should I Become a CTA?

As a CTA, you'll have the tools and knowledge necessary to create a more memorable visitor experience and you'll reap the benefits!

  • Industry Networking: Expands your industry social network; network locally and internationally. 
  • Recognized Certification: Provides you with a meaningful, industry-recognized credential (e.g. John Smith, CTA) that is visible to family, friends, employers, co-workers and visitors! Use CTA behind your name on your business cards and e-mail signature. Display your certificate and wear your CTA pin with pride ─ it's a great conversation starter and shows visitors you're certified!
  • Stay In The Know: Helps you stay 'In The Know' with regular updates about new developments or other industry happenings in your area.
  • Freebies & Discounts: Gain first-hand knowledge of things visitors ask about! Print coupons to redeem free or discounted prices to participating restaurants and attractions. Offered for your family too, in some instances! Over $100 value in many destinations.
  • $$$: Increases business which may lead to more tips or pay increases.
  • Ongoing Education: Access online videos, classes, readings and more to continue your education.
  • Annual Renewal: Shows your commitment to your CTA designation and the industry; 50 points per year required.
  • Career Advancement: CTAs report being promoted because of their commitment to the tourism industry. And, savvy employers are hiring CTAs over non-CTAs. CTA is a great resume-builder that may give you an edge over other job candidates.
  • Exclusive Local Micro-Site: Log in to your local, online CTA community:
    • Event Calendar: Help Visitors in Real Time
    • Attractions: Printable Handout for Visitors
    • CTA Connect: Social Media and International CTA Directory
    • Networking and Educational Events: Exclusive Experiences for CTAs
    • Record Renewal Points Online:  On Any Device, As You Earn Them
    • CTA Exclusive Social Media: Post Photos, Share Your Insight and Experiences
    • CTA Star Award:  Nominate Yourself or Other CTAs
    • 'Need to Know' Section: Keeps You Up-to-Date on Local Happenings
    • CTA Insider  e-Newsletter:  Keeps You Abreast of Industry Issues & Trends
    • And More!

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