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Encourage CTAs to Visit Your Venue!

Read the following and click BEGIN ENROLLMENT PROCESS to start the enrollment process!

If an official CTA program has not been established in your city, please do not complete the enrollment process, as your account will not be activated. To determine if a program exists in your city, return to the HOME page and mouseover the stars on the US map. If an official CTA program exists in your city, continue with the steps below.

If there is not a program in your city and you'd like to explore getting one started, contact

  1. Complete the Enrollment Process & The Details on Your Offer
    Select BEGIN ENROLLMENT PROCESS to complete a Venue Profile and establish your username and password as your log-in information.  You'll also be asked to list the details of your offer (e.g. free admission, free drink, discounted meal, etc.), along with special instructions for redemption.  Note: You may return to this site to list as many offers as you like.
  2. Update or Change Your Offer At Any Time
    Once your account has been activated, you may log in at any time to update your Venue Profile or to update or delete your offer(s). Simply return to and use your log-in password.
  3. View What Others Are Offering All
    Freebies & Discounts offers are viewable on the Freebies & Discounts Master List for each local CTA program. Return to the HOME page and click on Offer Freebies & Discounts and select the link. Visit often to check your listing against what others are offering!
  4. Welcome the CTAs Who Visit Your Venue
    CTAs will access theFreebies & Discounts Master List and will be instructed to print off a coupon to bring to your venue. The coupon will include any special instructions you have provided for redemption.   The CTA's ID number and name will be on the coupon for verification purposes.
  5. Heed Expiration Reminders
    You will establish a Start and End date for your offer. The system will send you a reminder 30 days prior to the expiration of your offer. Once the expiration date has been reached, the offer will automatically be removed from the system and you will be sent an email notification.
  6. Keep Your Listing Current.
    Remember to visit frequently to update your offer or to add additional offers.  Help keep this feature as accurate as possible!  More CTAs will participate as a result!
  7. Questions?
    Select the Contact Us link in the upper right corner of the HOME page to contact the CTA program administrator in your area.

Take advantage of this opportunity to expose your venue to hundreds of CTAs! Sign up today!