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What do Disneyland and Advanced Parking APSSystems (APS) have in common? Yes, they are both in Anaheim, CA, but more importantly, they are both focused and committed to providing the best possible guest experience. APS has proudly handled the valet parking operation at the Hilton Anaheim for the past 10+ years, as well as managing other parking operations in Orange County.

Darryl Garibay, President of APS says, "as CTAs, our staff is far more educated in terms of the history of Anaheim, famous and historic places including Disneyland and what Anaheim was years ago."

Darryl says, "we personally congratulate our new CTAs and announce their achievement to the rest of the APS team at staff meetings and in our employer newsletter."

Darryl knows that he and his staff play a role in promoting Anaheim as a premiere tourist and business destination. He says, "APS is proud and honored to be a part of the Anaheim/OC Tourism Ambassadors Program. We look forward to continued and increased participation!"

Thank you Advanced Parking Systems, for your support of the Anaheim/OC Tourism Ambassadors Program!


Of course, Rochester, MN is well known for Canadian HonkerMayo Clinic, but did you know 80% of their patients are treated as outpatients? So, where do they stay, what do they do, and where do they eat? Well, the Canadian Honker Restaurant & Catering is a welcoming dining option. Owners and CTAs, Cris and Joe Powers' pride in their community shows through in their involvement in local events, the military, non-profit organizations and of course, the CTA Program!

Joe says, "The CTA program does an excellent job of giving us the knowledge of Rochester. Our staff is now more confident when interacting with visitors." Having been in business for 27 years, Cris and Joe know that providing excellent food and service can give a small amount of comfort to someone that's not feeling well or had a bad day.

Fact: The Canadian Honker name comes from the 30,000 Canadian Geese Rochester attracts each winter.

Thank you Canadian Honker for supporting the Rochester Tourism Ambassador Program!

Crowne Plaza Lansing West team members aim to exceed crowne plazavisitor expectations and create memorable experiences for tourists and locals alike.  With over 20 CTA team members, Cindy Bowen, CHA, CTA, General Manager says, "the best thing we can do is offer a service that compels our visitors to want to return to Lansing because it is the friendliest place ever!"

Crowne Plaza Lansing West team members that earn the CTA designation are pictured on a special bulletin board in the associate break room and are recognized at meetings and on their social media sites.  The hotel also offers special discounts to fellow Lansing CTAs through Freebies & Discounts.

Thank you, Crowne Plaza Lansing West, for your support of the Greater Lansing Tourism Ambassadors Program!


What CTA destination was named one of the top ten vacation destinations in North America by Parkwood LodgeMoney Magazine?  What CTA destination is often referred to as the Cape Cod of the Midwest and hosts over two million visitors a year?  Give up?  It's Door County, WI!  Door County is a 75-mile long peninsula located on the eastern side of Wisconsin.

Denise Stillman, CTA and her husband, own the popular Parkwood Lodge and manage three other properties in Door County.  Denise says, she and her front-line CTAs not only ensure guests enjoy their visit after checking in, but also motivate guests to stay longer, when making their reservations, because they are more aware of what's going on and know how to use all of their resources.  In addition,  her CTAs support and encourage one another to earn renewal points.  Pride in their community and what they do, really shines through!

Thank you Parkwood Lodge for your support of the Door County Tourism Ambassador Program!