Employer Benefits: Front-Line Behavior Change and CTA Satisfaction
Support Your Local Program: Offer Freebies & Discounts; Recognize Employees; Use CTA Logo on Your Website
Employer Spotlight: Examples from Proud CTA Employers

Employer Benefits

Front-Line Behavior Change = ROI to Area Businesses

Employers are impressed with the robust, customized curriculum. Not only do they send their teams, many employers become CTAs themselves. The destination 'product' knowledge enhances the company's internal training and results in proven, positive behavior change in their teams.

Employer Survey 2018-1


CTA Survey = Satisfaction is High

CTAs report high satisfaction with the program and significant behavior change that strengthens the visitor experience.

CTA Survey 2017

 Support Your Local CTA Program

Strong CTA Programs Don't Happen By Themselves

Employers are vitally important to the ongoing strength of the CTA program and keeping the program growing in numbers over time. Satisfied customers = repeat customers and positive word-of-mouth about your business and your destination!

Here's how CTA employers are currently supporting their local CTA programs:

  • Become a CTA yourself and enroll your team to strengthen tourism across your community. Use CTA behind your name on your business cards, e-mail signature block, etc.

  • Renew your CTAs annually to keep the overall visitor satisfaction high for your destination.

  • Wear your CTA pin to set a good example for your team and other business owners / leaders.
  • Get CTAs in your door for first-hand experience! Offer Freebies & Discounts (i.e., free or discounted admission, food, etc.) to help CTAs experience what you offer.
  • Recognize and celebrate your CTAs when they enroll and renew; acknowledge their time and dedication to the visitor experience through inexpensive gift items on the CTA Store.

  • Display the CTA logo on your website, business cards, marketing collateral and email signatures.  Simply complete the Logo Usage Request Form.
    • Competitive Advantage by being a CTA business. Display visitor-facing signage or decals to show visitors you care about their experience; FREE from the CTA Store. And, use CTA in your proposals when you bid on new business!
    • Create a Special CTA Webpage on your website to show visitors your team is CTA trained.