What CTAs Are Saying

"As a Front Office Manager, I oversee the guest experience at the Campus SidInn. It was great that so many points of our own training were reinforced and expanded upon during CTA training. Danielle and Amanda did such a great job facilitating, that afterwards we were all in agreement that all our line level employees would benefit greatly from this program. We scheduled another training with nearly 60 people attending throughout the company! Feedback was strong from all involved." --Sid Atkin, CTA, Ann Arbor, MI
"The CTA program within Experience Grand Rapids is really a great Briansignature tool for our city to sell and be the best. I really enjoy the history and the hidden treasures that I have gain knowledge of and share with our visitors.  The CTA program has elevated our visitor experience and really allows our JW Marriott associates to be more engaged with city/community. I love to see the enthusiasm and pride our team has with earning their CTA pin and wearing it with pride. This allows me in my leadership role to continue to invest in our associates with more training and tools of knowledge." --Brian Behler, CTA, Grand Rapids, MI

"I am a retired civil servant. In retirement, I am a volunteer at the Michigan KathrynHistorical Museum. As a Docent, I greet visitors and lead tours of groups of school children, senior groups and whoever signs up, for a tour of our Museum. As a CTA, I feel more positive about giving local information to visitors, both solicited and unsolicited. I also volunteer for the GLCVB. My knowledge of the Lansing area is vital, in helping visitors to our area." --Kathryn Erwin, CTA, Lansing, MI

Name a specific example of how being a CTA helped you help a visitor? "I Amycannot think of just one. I feel as if CTA should not be something you do, but instead it should be part of who you are. So I encompass all traits of a CTA in everything I do each day." --Amy Huggins, CTA, Columbus, OH, 2015 Tourism Ambassador Institute 'CTA of the Year'

"When you work behind the counter of a retail store in a resort town, you Katieunderstand the value of CTA training, EVERY day. I thought I knew a fair amount about Door County before I became a CTA, but the training opened my eyes to so much more. Now I can (almost always) help our customers find what they're looking for, and then some!" --Katie Harding, CTA, Door County, WI

"Having guests visit often from overseas the CTA program has encouraged my family to get out and explore new things. Also in every class we teach, I walk away with a list of things to do, see, and places to eat! Being a CTA is a great! I learn new things all of the time and am encouraged and more likely to do things I may not have done before!" --Lisa Kristensen, CTA, Columbus, OH

"I'm born and raised Orange County and have parents who know quite a bit Sarahof local history, so I thought I was fairly well-educated about the destination, but I learned so much! It was great to receive the CTA education and training - I feel much more knowledgeable about the evolution of tourism in Orange County and enjoy sharing that with others. I love the opportunity to make someone's visit to South Coast Plaza/Orange County easier, more fun, and memorable and I'm able to do that thanks to great networks like CTA." --Sarah Kruer, CTA, Anaheim/Orange County, CTA

"Last year, I attended a CTA event at Flight Deck in Anaheim. The Nicoleopportunity to fly in an F-16 jet simulator was one of the most fun experiences I've had as a CTA. One day, while dropping off items in our Visitor Information Kiosk, a woman asked about activities she could do with her grandson, who was coming to town for his birthday. I told her about Flight Deck, along with other area activities, and was able to give her first-hand information about the experience and how great it is. She left excited to bring her grandson to this newly discovered activity." -- Nicole Llido, CTA, Anaheim/OC, CA

"Before becoming a CTA I thought I knew of all the hidden gems in our city. HeatherTo my surprise since then I have learned there is still more to discover in this town. Now as a CTA I have permission to seek out new places and experience more of my city - the city where I was born. It's like having a license to inquire, pry, learn, explore, discover so that I can share my knowledge with my next guests and the visitors I meet downtown and at the bells. And hopefully in part because of my CTA insights and demeanor, these visitors will return to the city I love - Ann Arbor." --Heather O'Neal, CTA, Ann Arbor, MI

"For the last couple years, I have coordinated the Guest Service Traininganthony for the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel and to be able to merge these trainings together and share with our associates "the bigger picture" of the impact we can all have throughout the city. Guest Service goes far beyond our hallways and doors and we are always trying to find ways to integrate our passion throughout the city, share our excitement with other businesses, and develop relationships within the community." -- Anthony Parker, CTA, Grand Rapids, MI

"I am very proud to count myself among this illustrious group. I wear my pin Lisawith pride and tell lots of others about the program. This past May I was humbled to receive the Star Award for my area. It was such a surprise to actually win it! Acceptance of that award has only reaffirmed my commitment to the program." --Lisa Shower, CTA, At-Large Program

"Our area is a mecca for motorcyclists from around the country. There is a Marcunique pathway here known as ‘The Dragon.' On one particular occasion, I had stopped to get gas when about 6 motorcyclists stopped to get gas as well. I could sense they were somewhat lost as they were looking at a map. I offered my assistance, and offered them my business card in the event they needed additional help. About a week later, I received a nice card thanking me for my help, and lunch was on them upon their return. This was nothing more than a random act of kindness my CTA training taught me." --Marc Smitherman, CTA, Blount County, TN

"I enjoy wearing the CTA pin as a badge of honor that reminds me of my Janicecovenant to Baltimore City; to honor, support and represent my hometown with sensitivity, integrity and willingness to serve the public and guests in Baltimore. I love networking with fellow CTAs as we enjoy the various establishments, venues, hotels, restaurants, museums and the list goes on and on!" --Janice Stewart, CTA, Baltimore, MD

"This program has encouraged me to expand my knowledge of Door County paulto give each guest the best experience possible when they are staying with us. I am able to try new things with the free trials and that allows me to give our guests honest opinions on what they would like the best during their stay." -- Paul Thacker, CTA, Door County, WI

"I LOVE being a CTA, because it gives me the opportunity to share my loveDee of West Michigan with visitors, with residents, with the curious, and with those looking for something to do. People listen, because of the pin. People ask me about the pin, so I have the chance to tell them about the program and invite them to become a part of us. The camaraderie among those of us who are CTAs is wonderful!" --Dee Tokarski, CTA, Grand Rapids, MI

"As the Sales and Marketing Manager at the Breslin Center on the campus Nanciof Michigan State, I meet visitors and students and their parents daily. The program has given me a toolbox of knowledge to use when working with guests. I also have met a large variety of other professionals and broadened my network of co-workers. The program totally "rocks"!!!" --Nanci Yeadon, CTA, Lansing, MI