Congratulations on becoming a Certified Tourism Ambassador™! As a CTA, you have an incredible opportunity to help strengthen your local tourism industry and advance your career. The best part is you can have fun doing both.

Be sure to take advantage of all you benefits and resources as a CTA!

  • Industry Networking: Expands your industry social network; network locally and internationally.
  • Recognized Certification: Provides you with a meaningful, industry-recognized credential (e.g. John Smith, CTA) that is visible to family, friends, employers, co-workers and visitors! Use CTA behind your name on your business cards and e-mail signature. Display your certificate and wear your CTA pin with pride ─ it's a great conversation starter and shows visitors you're certified!
  • Stay In The Know: Helps you stay 'In The Know' with regular updates about new developments or other industry happenings in your area.
  • Freebies & Discounts: Gain first-hand knowledge of things visitors ask about! Print coupons to redeem free or discounted prices to participating restaurants and attractions. Offered for your family too, in some instances! Over $100 value in many destinations.
  • $$$: Increases business which may lead to more tips or pay increases.
  • Ongoing Education: Access online videos, career tips, readings and more to continue your education.
  • Annual Renewal: Shows your commitment to your CTA designation and the industry; 50 points per year required.
  • Career Advancement: CTAs report being promoted because of their commitment to the tourism industry. And, savvy employers are hiring CTAs over non-CTAs. CTA is a great resume-builder that may give you an edge over other job candidates.
  • Exclusive Local Micro-Site: Log in to your local, online CTA community:
    -Event Calendar: Help Visitors in Real Time
    -Attractions: Printable Handout for Visitors
    -CTA Connect: Social Media and International CTA Directory
    -Networking and Educational Events: Exclusive Experiences for CTAs
    -Record Renewal Points Online: On Any Device, As You Earn Them
    -CTA Exclusive Social Media: Post Photos, Share Your Insight and Experiences
    -CTA Star Award: Nominate Yourself or Other CTAs
    -'Need to Know' Section: Keeps You Up-to-Date on Local Happenings
    -CTA Insider e-Newsletter: Keeps You Abreast of Industry Issues & Trends
    -And More!